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:: Monday, November 17, 2003 ::

Ultra-productive shopping day... I need a hat that says "bargain queen" or something to wear for days like this. I decided early this afternoon that I was going to try and work on a Sikozu costume for Dragon*con, because there aren't a lot of them out there, and to give me an excuse to watch several more episodes of Farscape. Since I was going to the fabric store to buy boning and interfacing for the Amidala corset anyway, I figured I'd see if there were any vinyl remnants lying about in the right color. Well, there weren't, but there was a bolt of heavyweight cotton in the perfect rust color for only $1.88 a yard, so I bought three. (you know, top, boot covers, gauntlets...)

So, after that, I went to "Encore," a very nice little for-charity thrift shop that's currently having a half-off-everything sale 'cos their little storefront is packed full of things they need to get rid of. And there it was: A calf-length leather coat in THE rust color. Just waiting for me, just screaming, "hack me off and make a cheerleader skirt!" So I will.

In other news, the Amidala corset is going surprisingly well.... I'll try to get the boning in tonight, and maybe piece the front to the lining. I have the lace over-skirt for the bottom already, I just need to make the silver underskirt and find some way to make the overskirt a little smaller in the waist while I stitch it to the silver piece. Lots of work, but I have until ICON, so I'm not worried.

In website stuff, I've definitely got to update the template with thumbnails of Sikozu and Daria, push some stuff back to a category that's even farther in the future than "planned," and work on the pages for the individual costumes. I'm also going to mum's to watch "Waiting for Guffman" tonight, so we'll see how much of that actually happens.
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