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:: Thursday, January 29, 2004 ::

:: murmur 8:36 PM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, January 20, 2004 ::
Death becomes her....or something.

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:: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 ::
Oh! And someone on the A&L board who works at Jo-Ann's fabrics says that some loverly chinese print brocades just came off the truck... so I might have to do Kaylee's jacket for Dragon*Con...if I can find a parasol.

God, I need to start making lists.
:: murmur 5:50 PM [+] ::
Yesterday was the best thrifting day..well, ever, pretty much. Mum has Tuesday mornings off from work, so we went out to breakfast with dad, and then started shopping. We went to Goodwill while we were waiting for the used bookshop to open for the day, where I found an olive-green shirt to use for the Zoe costume. It's a button-down, and hers is knit, but I didn't think I was going to have much luck finding that knit shirt with a collar anywhere, and the vest will cover the pocket, so I'll be all right; I'm no purist. Next, we went to a thrift store that's run by a women's shelter, meaning all the profits go to benefit women who are trying to and who've escaped from abusive relationships, very cool idea, and lots of people from the posh neighborhoods donate clothes, so there's an awesome selection. I got a velvet dress, a couple of black jackets, a leopard print fuzzy purse, and a couple of other completely un-costume-related things, but I only spent ten dollars while I was there. Marc's right, I am the shopping queen. Mum found me a yellow teeshirt for the Daria costume, and I may use her green jacket, so there's another costume about halfway done.

And then there was Zebra Lounge. The shop moved out of the building it had always been in, and into a somewhat cruddier (temporary) place around the corner, and the owner was having an amazing sale. Still is, actually, I need to go again soon when he starts bringing in the rental stock. But okay, yesterday was the major impulsive buy.... a vintage 1940's day dress in baby pink. Yeah, I know. The clincher was that the owner thought I was a size 8. he brought out about half a rack of shirt- and day-dresses for me to try on, but it was the pink that did it for me. It's...actually kind of sexy on me. Weird. Also bought some cat's eye glasses frames to put lenses in later, and some tights... he's selling off the hosiery for about 4 bucks a pair, so if anyone needs orange and green fishnets, lemme know, right?

But wait, there's more...

I ordered this coat today from Newport News to use for the Zoe costume... usually I try not to buy a whole costume, but the coat was on sale for $40 and I figured that after I found a good fabric and lining and neato buttons, making a coat was going to run me at least that much anyway, not to mention the time I don't quite exactly have to make a coat for me and a browncoat besides...so there it is. Plus, it's a pretty cool coat.

Was talking to glitch last night about the photos of the pk vest (yeah, people do wander over here from my blog), and he was all complimentary and stuff, and it reminded me that I'd been tossing around the idea of doing a suit of "stripwear" from his story lex, 'cos it'd just be really cool. I've got a "finished" column, now I just need a "way in the future" column, too. I'll do that once this whole page is in actual HTML form and not quite so bloggy.

What am I doing on the computer? I should be cutting out some eggplant-colored fabric, 'cos I have a skirt due in a month. Excuse me.

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:: Monday, January 12, 2004 ::
Lots of costuming stuff going on since Christmas, most of which I'm going to talk about later, 'cos I'm about to go to bed. Most importantly, I finished the PK vest for Marc to wear to I-Con, posted photos of it to cosplay.com and got some nice feedback, so here it is:

Unfortunately, I had to use the flash on my digicam, so the red came out a lot brighter than it really is. But otherwise, I'm kinda damn proud of the thing, and I feel really good about working with vinyl. More photos here.

Next up, Mal's browncoat from Firefely, and the purple gown from Endless Nights.

Go me.

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:: Saturday, December 13, 2003 ::
Now I need a "finished" column.

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:: Friday, December 05, 2003 ::

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:: Thursday, December 04, 2003 ::
You know, if I'd waited one more week to order my new Dell after the old laptop crashed, I'd be all set for I-Con. I was shockingly productive during that week-and-a-half or so; you'll notice that Blueberry Muffin's been moved up to the "in progress" stage, for one thing. So here goes:

Amidala corset gown:

I finished my first corset! I bought a pair of eyelet pliers at an after-Thanksgiving sale at Jo-Ann's, and though I have to paint over some of the eyelets with black nail polish (I bought a multi pack and ran out of black eyelets about halfway down the second side), it's completed and ready to go. I tried it on with lacing, and inasmuch as any girl can lace herself into a corset, it fits like a dream.

The next day, I cut out the silver fabric for the underskirt.... I love this fabric, I'm glad I'm finally getting to do something with it. It drapes so nicely, and with the train in the back, it looks like water when it moves. I'm going to have to dig out the rest of the casa lace, though, and make a new overskirt; I'd forgotten that when I made the first one, I shortened the train because I thought I'd be wearing it to go clubbing and didn't want it to get stepped on, but for this gown, I want the full length. Shouldn't take long, and I'll try to have a webpage up for this one soon.

Blueberry Muffin:

This was Kerrin's crazy idea, to do Strawberry Shortcake characters. At first, I'd thought about doing Raspberry Tart, 'cause she's all in purple and I'd seen a fun violet and white diamond print in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart, but I fell in love with Muffin's little blue top hat and the whole ensemble. And after all the Death costumes, you know me and top hats. I spent about $20 on blue cotton and blue and white gingham at Jo-Ann's and used a little babydoll-dress costume pattern for the dress and jumper, and made a gingham petticoat to go underneath. All the costume needs now is the hat, which I expect to be able to put together for about ten bucks' worth of foam and fabric and some purple ribbon. Website for this one coming soon, as well.

Last night, I also found some great source pics for the Bad-Willow corset top, and someone on the cosplay.com forums referred me to witchwigs.com for a good Death wig, so maybe the "Endless Nights" costume isn't an impossibility after all.

Go me.

Did I mention my digital camera's supposed to be coming in today?

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